Why Buy a Franchise Approved Used Car?

Kia Assured Used Car Scheme At Norfolk Motor Group, Norwich

Kia Assured Used Car Scheme – designed to supplement the Kia Approved Scheme and of course the class leading new Kia range. All Kia Assured Used cars come with an unrivalled peace-of-mind package for a small extra payment which is designed to provide you with as much reassurance as when buying a brand new car.

Q. What is a Kia Assured vehicle and what is different about them to a Kia Approved vehicle?

A. Basically, Kia Assured vehicles were purchased for cash, or taken into part exchange by the dealer and offered for resale.

Kia Approved vehicles came directly from Kia UK’s own fleet and source of fleet customers, they are offered ONLY to the Kia Dealer network for resale. Either way, Approved or Assured, nothing comes close to a nearly new Kia and the benefit of 7 years warranty. All NMG Kia Assured Vehicles come with the opportunity to upgrade the balance of the 7 year warranty remaining to a full 7 year warranty again for a small payment.

This enables NMG to offer the correct warranty to all Kia used car customers, not just the Approved Kia vehicles. A warranty that compliments but is separate from Kia Approved and is for all Kia dealers to use on all Kia and non-Kia used vehicles. A warranty proposition for the customer and the dealer that is fully endorsed by Kia. To build on the market unique offer of Kia Approved and demonstrate that ‘Kia Assured’ can and will extend Kia’s reputation for warranty on all cars sold by a Kia dealership. Gives the customer complete confidence in their Kia.


Customer benefits

All major mechanical and electrical component parts are covered

Wear and tear cover is included

Kia Quality Inspections before sale

Durations of cover to match ownership of vehicle and to top back to the 7 years

Roadside Assistance Cover is 24/7 and 365 days a year, includes Home Start

One Warranty suitable for all vehicles sold by Kia dealers

Kia Assist & MOT Test Cover included with every warranty

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