Back to the Future Project

Added: 23 August 2017

NMG is delighted to announce their recent sponsorship of the Koala and Llama classes' project at the local Sprowston Infants School. Scheduled to tie in with the Back to the Future film and the key date in that film, being this year 2015, that they shot forward to all those years ago when the film was made. In preparation the school undertook a ten-week study to teach the children about the environment, the impact of carbon emissions, recycling and all about cars and car technology. The children wrote some lovely letters inviting NMG to take part and subsequently some really touching letters about their experience and the toys supplied as prizes. All this and they are only 6 and 7 year olds!

Having attended the school with Des Cook our Service Manager, we were mighty impressed with the project and the children's true understanding. They knew what a chassis was, what axles and wheels did when combined, all about air conditioning and they knew all about pollution and more besides.

Having built their own full sized model from recycled items (see photo supplied by Archant Newspapers) they explained some brilliant features to parents, staff and us, some of which were staggering for their age. Des and I then interviewed the children and truly, they had taken all the information on board.

Each child had also a completed a comprehensive book of their work, including design drawings and research, and made their own model car, which had to focus on the environment and recycling.

With the support of Kia Motors UK and Suzuki GB we were able to award all the children a Kia Tiger or Suzuki Bear, plus we gave the top three designers each day a voucher for Toys-R-Us, that was the hardest job, picking a winner. Everyone was a winner in our eyes. The school also made the front page of the Norwich Eastern Evening News.

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