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Added: 23 August 2017

I am delighted to announce that Michael collected on behalf of us all, the award for Kia Aftersales Excellence, 'Dealer Of The Year for 2016'at the Kia National Dealer Conference in January 2017.In addition, we have been recognised by Kia for the all-newCustomer Experience Awards. Norfolk Motor Company Limited finishing in the top 25best dealers in the UK.

Our independent Judge Service scores all year have been excellentwith 99% of the people surveyed Likely to Recommend Us and 93%Overall Satisfaction from 1,766 surveys, and for severalmonths we had a 100% score.

Suzuki GB have just presented our lifetime achievement award of30 years with the franchise celebrated in 2012 (slightlylate, but it still counts), so in reality, we are now in our 35th year in 2017and counting, making us the second longest serving Suzuki dealer in the UK. (18years with Kia and counting, also making us one of the longest serving Kiadealers).

Both of our franchises continued their growth with Kia achieving arecord 89,364 units in the year taking 3.32% of the UK market, arise of 10,875 units over the previous year and 13.85% growth, finishing in11th place nationally, phenomenal.

Suzuki also saw their biggest ever U.K. Sales with 38,167units and a record 1.42% market share, a rise of 3,730units, for a 10.83% increase, finishing 22nd place, another splendid set ofnumbers and in comparison to Kia, comparable in every way.

Whenyou consider the top 6 slots are taken by the Germans, Ford and Vauxhall, it isreally a great set of numbers from the 45 franchises represented in the SMMTReports.

Kiais now the 4th largest warranty vehicle parc in the U.K. behind Ford, Vauxhall,VW, a truly amazing position, ensuring our continued aftersales expansion. Theyalso went onto to win several accolades with Sportage being the quickestselling car on the Autotrader website..

The product line-ups for both franchises are our strongest everand this year we have more to come from both brands newPicanto, Rio, Niro PHEV, Optima SW PHEV, and two new models, the Rio styled 'B'sector SUV, not named yet and the stunning Stinger high performance luxurysaloon. Suzuki have just released the facelifted SCross, anew Ignis, new Vitara Kuro and shortly the new Swift, theytoo have a new model coming to enter the SUV sector.

Wealso saw a good number of our staff achieve awards for their excellence intraining and development, as published in the year and we are on the verge ofseveral more accolades being due soon.

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