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Added: 23 August 2017

NMG of Norwich held its annual staff awards as the Company should have celebrated with 6 of its staff their Long Service Awards for 2014. Unfortunately 3 staff (Jerry, Nick and Mark) were unable to attend due to holiday or illness on the day agreed for the awards and plans were set, so the presentation went ahead, with those staff receiving their awards on their return.

Managing Director of NMG, Grant Long said "The annual awards have become something the staff looks forward to and we enjoy making a presentation for their loyalty and commitment to the Company and the customers. This year's awards were for 15 years' service to Carolyn Ellis and Jerry Sutton, 10 years for Lee Horton and Nick Edwards and 5 years for Ryan Greaves and Mark Crane. It is always difficult to find good staff and when you find them it is essential that they receive the recognition they deserve. Our long service awards are a small gesture of our appreciation"

2014 Long Service Awards presented were as shown below, each recipient also received a selection of Caithness crystal glassware and a framed certificate.

                                                               15 Year Award A pair of Crystal Vases with Gold and Silver Ivy Leaf Etched Pattern

10 Year Award Crystal Decanters. Glasses & Wine - 5 Year Award Crystal Wine Glasses & Wine

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