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Added: 24 August 2017

NMG are delighted to announce that they have become one of "Signature Sponsors" for the Charity Sportability. 

This association came from the recent Golf Tournament held at Rookery Park, near Lowestoft, which NMG sponsored. The Charity has agreed that NMG will work with them in future events and sponsorships within Norfolk and North Suffolk.

David Heard CEO of Sportability said "I am really pleased that NMG have agreed to support us in our endeavours to help those unfortunate enough to have spinal cord injury, been a victim of stroke, MS or suffer other paralysing conditions. These things can happen to anyone and the aftercare and recovery needed is important. Bringing more awareness to the charity is essential and we are happy to be working with NMG"

Grant Long MD of NMG said "Having worked with David and the local organisers, we realised just how quickly a person's life can change and the need for them to find a way to help their general well-being and recovery is so important. With no Government support, they need commercial partners and Karl Ecclestone our Kia Fleet Manager introduced us through his sister, the local co-ordinator of the events".

The Aim: Sportability aims to give everyone a fresh lease of life and a new perspective on life with disability, following life changing injury or illness. We try hard to help people cope and adapt to the life change.

The Work: Sportability has been providing sport and challenging activities for people with disabilities, like M.S., spinal cord injury, stroke etc. for over 20 years. Last year they organised over 60 events that had more than 700 participants, and as a registered charity they offer these events free of charge. They are now operating in nine centres (East Anglia, Bristol & Glos., East & West Midlands, the North West (Liverpool/Manchester) Surrey, Dorset & Hants., Kent & E. Sussex and Oxfordshire.  

How do they get their funding? Well certainly we receive no government support. However, a series of fund-raising events supported by commercial partners and individual benefactors provides much needed cash, and so you could help.

NMG and Sportability will be announcing further events locally in due course. Anyone interested in wanting to get involved should contact either Karl Ecclestone, NMG's Kia Fleet & Corporate Manager at 07592-051986 or Michelle Savage on 07932-718582 or e-mail or by visiting

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